RFP Analysis

Meridian for RFP Analysis  can start your next Proposal with all the RFP requirements and ensure full compliance. In 3 simple steps: Analyze, Outline and Reference.

Proposal Teams

Meridian for Proposal Teams  provides the ideal framework to develop and maintain cooperation, openness and shared objectives for everyone in the business of winning more business.

Rapid Start RFP Analysis

A Free Service  Provides a jump start on your next proposal project with a free starter compliance matrix generated by Meridian for RFP Analysis.  Includes:

  • Compliance Excel Sheet with Section, Requirement, Rank, Key Words and Outline Heading
  • Acronyms Excel Sheet
  • Meridian RFP Analysis Project

Complements of XRSolutions

Quick Start Analysis

Professional Analysis Services  to jump start your next proposal.  We will analyze the RFP for requirements and deliver:

  • Compliance and Cross Reference Matrix
  • Proposal Outline
  • Author Worksheets

Acronyms Analysis

A Free Service  Analyze your documents for Acronym definitions and get a downloadable report in Microsoft Excel.

Powered by Meridian for RFP Analysis.

Complements of XRSolutions

For Proposal Managers

With Meridian Series, you can manage RFP requirements and author matching responses. Plus build response and compliance matrices.

For Contract Managers

With Meridian Series, you can identify and organize contract commitments, FAR/DFAR clauses and verify compliance.

For Program Managers

With Meridian Series, you can pull requirements from the RFP and keep the project on track and complete.

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